Gemmology & Jewellery Designing

The well equipped Gemmology laboratory of the college is updated with the modern instruments and the expensive rough & polished gemstone and diamond collection, to which students have access during the class. The hands – on training provides comprehensive knowledge and experience to students in gemstones, and diamond grading. They will be able to judge clarity, color and cut of diamonds as well as coloured stones. The gemmology laboratory is comprised with the best sophisticated equipments such as trinocular microscope, gemmoscopes, stereo gemological microscope, Digital LCD Microscope, CVD Tester with stone, Dark Field Loupe, Dial gauge 10mm, Diamond Sieve 8cm 42 plates, Diamond Stone Washer, Dichroscope, Presidium Electronic Gauge, Gem Tester Presidium, Hearts and Arrow Loupe, Hardness Pencil Set, Master colour grading set, Optivisor DA-5, Ohaus Weighing Scale, Polariscope, Grading Lamp with stand, Refractive Index with Light source, Specific gravity kit & Ohaus Weighing Scale, Spectroscope single barrel big, Spectroscope double & light source box, Table tripod stand, Ruby filter, Jadiet Filter, Chelsea filter, Eye loupe 14 x etc. The Jewellery Designing Studio of Department of Vocational Studies is well furnished and equipped with Sketching Tables and computers. The software Rhino Gold’s popularity lies in the ability to help jewelry designers create impressive designs. Industrial builders, architects, and jewelers find the Rhino3D very impressive for creating precise and complex models. This software can help put the jewelry pieces together step by step with different prototypes. It has several functionalities to allow for making exciting jewelry designs for halos, pendants, body rings, bracelets, earrings, eternity bands, etc. from the scratch to build a new jewelry design. The lab studio provides a step-by-step guide to the fundamental aspects of the graphic representation of a wide range of jewellery pieces, from the simplest to the most complex forms. Different volumes, spaces, surfaces and finishes are explained in detail, as are methods for depicting different materials, from timeless metals and precious stones to substances. The lab and its equipments introduces the concepts students need to learn and draw any type of jewelry, from simple rings to intricate necklaces.

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