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The emblem and the motto of the college reveal the telling vision the pioneers had in establishing this institution. The three-lettered regalia of S.A.C. (St. Aloysius College) in blend is placed at the foot of the emblem and is crowned by the College motto Sursum Corda, Lift up Your Hearts. In the centre of the emblem is a lamp whose flame is inset in a circle. The encircled flame is contoured by the three sides of a triangle pointing to the mystery of the Holy Trinity. The ineffable ardour of the flame is the heart of the triangle. The triangle on its left is flanked by a lily in blossom and by a rice plant slightly bent by the load of sheaves on the right. While the lily invites emulation by the virtue of its purest gaze, the sheaves beckon one to bear fruits that shall last. Thus the uplifted heart that stands for the spirit of the College looks up to the flame, the lily and the sheaves as its steers its course through the shoals and eddies of time

The College motto, Sursum Corda,‘Lift up Your Hearts’ is built on an analogous phrase in the Bible, ‘lift up the soul’ (Psalm 25:1). The words Lift up Your Hearts, unfold the concept of the motto. The act of lifting up involves deep, personal, firm and undivided attention of the individual. Heart functions in all dimensions of human existence. The objects of the heart focus on wisdom, love and faithfulness. Thus the directive, lift up your hearts takes for granted a deliberate act, which demands true discipline (tapasĀ) and concentration (ekagratha). This diligent act of lifting up one’s heart culminates in success, peace and joy in life. Authentic persons and real citizens are thereby assiduously nurtured.

In tune with the emblem of the College, our founding Fathers have formulated the vision that we as educators of young people, should always have. Our educational endeavours aim at helping the students to be intellectually competent, spiritually mature, morally upright, psychologically integrated, physically healthy and socially acceptable so as to enable them to champion the cause of justice, love, truth and peace. In a developing country like ours, we encourage our students to be in the forefront of creating a just and human society where dignity of the human person is respected, where unjust social structures are challenged, where our cultural heritage of ahimsa, religious harmony and national integration is upheld, and where the poor and the marginalized are specially taken care of.

Though a minority Catholic Christian educational institution, St. Aloysius College is open to all students irrespective of caste and creed. They are accepted and cherished as they are and are helped to grow in their cultural, social and religious traditions. Students of all sectors irrespectiveof caste and creed are privileged to get acquainted with the Gospel of Jesus Christ on their own will. Ours being an institution established by and for a minority community based on religion, preference will be given to member of Syro-Malabar Church in admission and appointments and a special concern will be shown for the faith formation of the Christian Youth. The management believes that the secret of the success of our College is the dedication of professionally competent community teachers who are morally upright in imparting the true essence of education in the student’s lives.

Over the years the College has tried its best to adhere to this vision. This sublime vision of the Founding Father and of a team of like-minded people who came to be known as CMI Fathers is enlivened through promoting higher education and cultivating values among young people who actively participate in the process of nation building. We believe in the efficacy of Christian value system respecting other value systems and we seek to reify this through a unique concept of discipline. We endeavour to realise this discipline internally in the students through filial exhortation rather than by external imposition. The College promotes education in a free atmosphere, which enables the students to seek the truth in their own way. Equality of gender, colour and creed, and a concern for the financially and socially disadvantageous sections are the policy principles underlying this disciplinary system. This method should make students unexpectedly confident and serene, alert and adventurous.It is through these means that the students learn themselves to get competent with today’s life scenario.


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