(Ref. Directorate  of Collegiate Education Handbook, 2014)

1. Aims and objectives:- The aim and object of the association shall be

  • To foster and promote good relationship among the members of teaching staff, students and Guardians of the students.
  • To create in its member any scheme/ interest for the smooth working and progress of the college and maintaining good discipline and high academic standards
  • Institute scholarship, prize, medals etc... to benefit student showing high proficiency in their studies.
  • To provide amenities to the students of the college.

2. Membership:-Parent/ Guardian of the student on the rolls of college during a yearwill be eligible to be member of the association.

  • When a student is removed from the roll of a college, parent /Guardian of the students shall ipsofacto ceases to be the member of the association .
  •  The Principal and the other members of the teaching staff shall ipsofacto be members of the association.

3. Administration:- (a) The administration of the association shall vest in executive committee, or Core Committeeelected for the purpose

The committee shall consist of

  • A president
  • A vice president
  • A secretary elected from among the members of the teaching staff
  • A Core Committee 8 to 10 members from the parent /Guardians and for teaching staff

(c). The term of officers of the committee shall be for a period of one year (the year for the purpose shall be the calendar year)

(d ). A committee once selected shall continue to hold office till new committee assumes charge.


4. Powers and responsibility of Executive committee: - subject to the approval of General Body of the Association, the committee shall have the following powers:

  • To manage all affairs of the association to incur and meet all necessary expenses and do all such act as are not inconsistent with the rules
  • To enlist members
  • To hold meeting of the community at least once in a term or often if deemed necessary
  • To convey of the meeting of the General Body when authorized to do so by the president
  • To keep a current record of proceedings of all community and General Body Meeting
  • To perform all other functions as may be assigned to him from time to time by the president or by the committee
  • To incur such expenditure as may become necessary

5. Committee meetings: the Quorum for a meeting of the committee shall be six

  • The Principal / President shall preside over all committee meetings and in his absence the vice president in case the vice president is also absent the members of the committee present shall nominate one from among them to be president of the meeting
  • Three days notice shall ordinarily be given for all committee meetings
  • Special meetings of the committee may be convened by the Principal /president at the written request of at least 4 members of the committee
  • All decisions shall be by majority of votes in case of equality of votes the Principal shall have a casting vote
  • The general body shall be the supreme authority concerning all matters of the association
  • The general body shall meet at least once in a year or oftener if necessary

    The business to be transacted at the annual meeting:

  • To examine the audited statement of account of the association for the year
  • To approve the budget proposals for the ensuring year
  • To consider any amendments to bye-laws
  • To elect office bearers of the ensuing year
  • The quorum for general body meeting shall be 15 or 1/5 of the total number of members on the rolls whichever is less
  • 3 days notice shall ordinary be given for all meeting of the general body either by direct intimation or by publishing such information in diaries. Non-receipt of such information by any member shall not however invalidate any of the proceedings of the general body meeting.
  • A special meeting of the general body shall be convened at the written request of at least 25 members or when authorized to do so by the president such meeting shall dispense only the specific matter for which the meeting has been convened.


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