Dr Chacko Jose P

Principal's Message

St. Aloysius College is an exemplary academic collective engaged in harnessing the potential of youth, paving the way for an industrious eminence.The past five decades of growth and expansion has placed the institution in the grand echelons of knowledge mobilisation. From its humble beginning as a suburban college in 1968, the college today is very much a part of Thrissur city. St Aloysius College is an unparalleled academic fraternity formed as a part of a precious CMI heritage, sustained by the ardent love of knowledge. St. Aloysius carved a niche for itself the world over, showing its preferential love for young men and women who come to it from the multiple spectra of caste, creed and gender. The college instils in them the values of life and makes them fully conscious of their potential and commitment to society and the world. The college has excellent faculty who can take the student to the pinnacle of academic excellence. The administrative services, state of the art library and laboratories, co-curricular facilities etc add value to the learning experience in the college. Though a minority Catholic educational institution, St. Aloysius is open to all students irrespective of caste and creed. Students are accepted and cherished and are helped to grow in their cultural, social and religious traditions. Humanity survives all adversities with its power to adapt and adopt. The gravity of the pandemic has revolutionised superstructures. However, a world of opportunities is right ahead of us. The introduction of virtual platforms for learning requirements is not without constraints, but it is a pleasure to note that students and staff of this esteemed institution have adapted well and continue to be productive in their respective spheres. Outcome-Based Education is the cornerstone of the edifice of learning. Goal set, the focus shifts from knowledge assimilation to accomplishing the outcome. Elevated levels of classroom participation of learners,whether offline or online, is a crucial indicator of motivation. Engagement with academic as well as life skills determines the quality of outcomes achieved. The learners of this institution are privileged to access guidance from mentors to sustain their emotional wellness. The resourcefulness of learners is utilised in community-oriented extension activities in the participatory model. The alumni association and the fraternity of former staff members are excellent sources of support. The NCC, NSS and the various clubs promote interpersonal skill management. Student-staff fraternity is a highlight of this institution which stands tall amidst expectations, challenges, strategies and innovation. Let the incessant quest for excellence equip the stakeholders to augment values, ethics, truth and intellectual competence.

St. Aloysius College
Elthuruth, Thrissur 680 611

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